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Learn more about our focus areas:

  . Treating our Veterans  and low-income Family Mental Illness

  • Free Math Tutoring Program for High-need Student 

  • Promote Safe Food in our Public School

  • Advocate for More Scientist & Engineer in America

  • Early Emphasis on Math and Science Education

  • Research on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Discovery of (ye-COVIDICIN) Alternative Medicine that cures all COVID-19 Variants / Strains

  • Cure for all COVID-19 Strains

  • Financial Budgeting for working professional & teens


Food Safety Services

We are the poineer in solving the food safety crisis in our public school in the US. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that approximately 76 million cases of foodborne illness are reported in the United States annually. As a result, there are an average of 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths¹.


Each school day, more than 27 million children get their lunch through the National School Lunch Program which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture¹.


According to CDC, ⅔ Foodservice Staffs in the US are aged 16-19¹. Based on research made, 99% of school cafeteria employee does not have any science background.

Therefore, a comprehensive training approach is needed to ensure food safety in our schools.  According to the statistical data from Broward Health Department, Shigella and Salmonella are the most two common foodborne illnesses in our community.


E&Y Educational Services Inc created to solve food safety crisis in our public school and to close the achivement gap crisis in our underserved communities because providing our children safe food and high quality education is a universal right.


        Services Provided


  • We provide food safety training for all cafeteria employees in Broward Public & Chatter Schools

  • We monitor our public school food supply from warehouse to the table in Broward County

  • We identify the scientific root causes & method prevention of contaminated foods in our public schools

  • We are partnering with CDC & FDA to solve food safety crisis in our public schools.

  •  We are raising awareness of safe food in our public schools in all 50 states in the United States of America













Children need helps but not judges.

Kids need to spend more time in school than clinic doctor due to contaminated foods!

 Academic Enrichment



Our mission is to close the achievement gap crisis in (STEM) math and science for high-need elementary school students by providing free math and science tutoring acitivies in those underserved communities in Broward County.




Strong quality education at early age is the backborne of any society. Assuming each child receives an effective education that will improve his or her decision-making abilities to help each kid to stay out of trouble and to live better, healthier, and longer. Good quality education is a passport for life!


Elementary School Programs


A Greek Proverb said," If you want an amazing June, you must prepare in October." The backborne of any high quality education is starting at elementary school.


Daily After School Program
Supporting our disadvantaged kids at early age is a moral duty to our country because a solid child education is the backbone of broader social and economic benefits for individuals, families, and society. SUPERIOR QUALITY EDUCATION BEGINS IN CLASSROOM AND IN AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM!
  •  Provide STEM (Math & Science) program supports afterschool, weekend, and summer assistance to low-income & minority kids in Broward

  • Work with school official, US Department of Education, elected officials, and community leaders to address this issue in our underserved communities

  • Partner with state universities in Florida to enroll more disadvantaged and minority students into their STEM fields and healthcare programs

  • Work side by side with partnering school principals to provide supports needed to move their schools standard from F to B schools in 2018. 

+ Math, Science , Engineering and Technology=America Future



Child Safety


  • Child safety is our number one priority in this program. We are not compromised with anything for the safety of our children. We want to make sure every child has an opportunity to develop their potential without any harm. Please contact local law enforcement for any suspected child abuses or harms 911 or (954) 497-4700.











The Florida Abuse Hotline:

(800) 962-2873

TTY: (800) 453-5145
Report abuse or neglect online     ( DCF)


Mental Health Clinic

. Leaving people with mental health disorders in our community is a public hazard. 

Services Provided

. Treat veterans and low-income with substance abuse

. Treat veterans and low-income  family with mental health

Provide detoxification services to veteran and low-income Family, etc.

P.S: Health Services will be resumed soon!

Our Sponsors


+ US Department of Education
+ Razoo Foundation
+ eSeniors LLC
+ Google for Nonprofit



COVID-19 Research &Treatment

There are lots of varieties coronaviruses which infect both animals and humans. There are seven known types of coronaviruses that can infect humans. COVID-19 is a combination of three viruses all together. COVID-19 contains multiples variants that infect humans. These coronaviruses are susceptible to mutation and recombination and they are therefore highly diverse. Coronaviruses are not transmitted via food or water. 

Unconventional challenge requires unconventional thinker. Mr. Yvon Etienne, MBA discovered an alternative medicine / process that cures COVID-19. Alternative medicine is a combination of medicinal plant and traditional medicine blend together to cure specific illnesses.

ye-COVIDICIN is a combination of scientific process, medicinal plant and traditional medicine of seven (7-10) doses based on the variants. During human trials, lipid envelopes that surround a nucleocapsid of single-stranded RNA wrapped in protein COVID-19 have been denatured and stopped the virus from duplicating. Over 10,000 people including 50 friends and families with different ages (5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70s) including several registered nurses and physicians who tested positive for COVID-19 have been treated by using ye-COVIDICIN. It reduces death and hospitalization by 99.99% according to human trials in the first 5 days of all declared symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. A U.S. Patent: US 16/857,479 has already been filed for this invention. Also, ye-COVIDICIN is currently under pre-Investigational New Drug Application at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to seek EUA  approval.

* Any governments or partners who are interested in getting the patent license to treat their citizens or partnering with us, they can contact Mr. Etienne or his lawyer in this website or email us: 


We are always looking for your partnership.


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