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E&Y Behavioral Health Program

E&Y Educational Services is a pioneer organization working in S. Florida & Baltimore-Maryland to create free mental health clinic to treat veterans who are on Dept. of VA Waiting List and low-income family to save life. Treatment services will be included: Post Traumatic Stress, Substance abuse, detoxification, mental health counseling, etc.

Values       Commitment


Diversity       We truly understand diversity because we made-up of diversity.


Care           We care about our community, country, veterans & less fortunate family.

Respect            We respect all individuals  with integrity no matter races, cultures, gender, etc.

Access              We provide access of free mental health services for veterans & low-income family.

Recovery       We commit to consistent treatment focused on an individual’s personal goals & recovery

Support           We support work environment that encourages passion, creativity, team work, etc

Responsibility We effectively and efficiently manage our scarce resources in our organization.

Hope                  We provide hope to all individuals served.

Mental Illness Crisis in Our Community

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that more than 43 million adults in our country struggled with mental illness in the past year; Half of us will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in our lives; one quarter by the age of 14; more than 20 million adults have an alcohol addiction annually; tragically, more than 42,000 people died by suicide in the United States in 2014; and homicide finally claimed another 16,000 people¹. Leaving people with mental health diseases in our community without treatment is a public hazard. However, treating people with mental illness will save life!

Recent mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport could be prevented and life could be saved if our healthcare system did a better job in treating our veterans and low-income families with mental health disorders in our community across the United States. Leaving our veterans with mental illness untreated in our street is a public hazard. According to Donna Wyche, Manager of Mental-Health and Homeless for Orange County, “About 70 percent of the people who need mental-health treatment in the State of Florida can’t get it.” “Either the resources aren’t available or, sometimes, people can’t figure out how to navigate the system to find the resources. We have to do a better job.”

Clinical Treatment Services

Treatment Services: Post-Traumatic Stress, Trauma Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Use Disorders, detoxification, therapist, Family Therapy, Anger Management, Mental Health Counseling, Conflict Resolution, etc.


Treatment services in our clinics will include a wide array of assessment, counseling, case management, and support provided in non-residential (outpatient) settings. Treatment services are designed to help veterans and low-income families who have lost their abilities to control the substance use on their own and require formal, structured intervention and support or mental illness. Services include various levels of outpatient, and recovery support based on the severity of the addiction or mental health disorders. Some patients can be referred to their counties health department. Moreover, detoxification services will be provided substance abusers patients which focus on the elimination of substance use. Specifically, detoxification services utilize medical and clinical procedures to assist people as they withdraw from the physiological and psychological effects of substance abuse.

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