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E&Y Educational Services is a pioneer organization working in S. Florida & Baltimore-Maryland to create free mental health clinic to treat veterans who are on Dept. of VA Waiting List and low-income family to save life. 
Treatment services will be included: Post Traumatic Stress, Substance abuse, detoxification,mental health counseling, etc.

CDC stated that there are more than 43 million adults in our country struggled with mental illness; more than  20 million adults have an  alcohol addiction annually; tragically 42,000 people died by suicide; and homicide claimed another 16,000 people.

This insidious epidemic reaches into very class of neighborhood and touches every public agency. Over 2/3 of people with mental illness cannot get treatment or left untreated because resources are not available or can't figure out our system to find resources.

Leaving people with mental illness in our community without treatment is a public hazard. However, working together with us to treat our veterans and low-income family with mental health disorders will save life.

We're Saving life!

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